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Bye, bye old school

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Just finished DA: Origins, and after playing it for 104 hours in my first playthrough (no stone unturned;)) I can say that it was a rushed game.
At the begining it seemed like it will rise up to the challenge of old RPG legends, and it actually gave you a false sense that something important will start to happen. Something that will happen along with the required task of organizing an army, but after that task was complete it just went: dark ritual (hah dark ritual, yeah right, it was just a sex for your part) yes/no, run, kill, jump on the overgrown lizard, THE END! (try to imagine this last sentence in an indian accent to get the full meaning).
In reality this game is unfortunately very restrictive, don't get me wrong I loved it, but there is simply no sense of completion or some major achievement when you finish it. But then again that is probably what Bioware was aiming at (ohh the glorious world of sequels).
It is interesting and disappointing to see all the big scores this game got from reviews, and than actually go and have a talk about it with an old gamer (someone who's not getting paid for his opinions). Old timers agree (I'm one of them) that the real score should be about -10% form the "*" reviews.
But then again when we see the remainder of modern gaming "jewels" it's certainly nice to feel a wind of times that have (it's official with this game) long since blown past us.
Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age: Origins (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D Action RPG
Release Date: 03/NOV/09
Dragon Age: Origins -- Collector's Edition

Dragon Age: Origins -- Collector's Edition (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Persistent World Online RPG
Release Date: 03/NOV/09
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lovely gameplay, hilarious dialouge, i cracked up a few times just listening to my party-mates bicker, Namely Allistar and Morrigan, Zevran's comments were also very funny.
I do not feel it a rush, rather a slow process of gathering the allies where you have to quickly run long corridors until you run into a big immobile pile of flesh, and you have to kill it because it's sole existence is disgusting. And you still have time to find one lost sword in the country or go get a golem for your party.

Oh, and i liked that the overgrown lizard didn't had dialogue before it was killed. After starting the final battle it just tuns into a hack and slash with preselected outcome. Quick. Rewarding.
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